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Increase your support of PNCA through your employer’s matching gift program. Check with your benefits manager or human resources department to find out if your company matches gifts. Some companies without formal matching gift or charity programs will match your gift, if you ask.

Then, follow the steps listed below to complete the process.

1. Request a matching gift application from your benefits manager or human resources office. Matching policies vary and certain restrictions apply, so please read your company’s matching gift program rules. You may need PNCA’s Tax ID number to complete the application.

PNCA’s Tax ID/EIN: 93-1139187

2. Fill out the matching gift application. Some companies now have web-based or automated phone application processes. Return paper applications to: PNCA Advancement Office, 1241 NW Johnson St, Portland, OR 97209.

PNCA will verify receipt of your gift and complete the process. Your employer will send an additional gift to PNCA on your behalf!

For questions, comments or requests regarding matching gifts please contact:
Luann Whorton
Development Systems Manager